AKRAM KHAN COMPANY - iTMOi (in the mind of igor)

AKRAM KHAN COMPANY - iTMOi (in the mind of igor)

Friday 29 & Saturday 30 November, 7.30pm


Presented by DanceEast at Snape Maltings Concert Hall as part of the Snape Dances programme iTMOi (in the mind of igor) is Akram Khan’s first full-length ensemble piece since 2010’s Vertical Road. 

Celebrating Igor Stravinsky and the centenary of his legendary Rite of Spring, iTMOi explores the way in which Stravinsky transformed the classical music world by evoking emotions through patterns and their disruption, building an episodic drama around the ritual of sacrifice. 

Khan says “I hope to reinvestigate this approach, not just through patterns, as Stravinsky did, but also through exploring the human condition. A rupture in the mind, fierce resistance to convention, a death in the body, and a birth in the soul, all remind us that the mind and imagination are wild and self-generating.”

Khan is fascinated by how human beings are capable of turning everything into a paradox – meaning turns into absurdity, justice into injustice, freedom into bondage. 

“In addition, to be creating this work with three different composers allows us to discover many different sound worlds, using Stravinsky as the key, the guide, the map.”

With an original score by Nitin Sawhney, Jocelyn Pook and Ben Frost, and an international cast of 11 dancers, iTMOi is another extraordinary artistic collaboration from Khan and his talented team, creating a world where beauty and ugliness are ruptured to reveal how closely they interrelate with each other.

“Wayward, passionate and captivating” METRO (5 stars)

“A dazzling road trip into the creative imagination of one of our foremost dance artists” THE TIMES (4 stars)

“Through Khan's shockingly imagined chaos we're drawn into the creative maelstrom from which art is born” THE GUARDIAN (4 stars)

Sponsored by COLAS and co-produced by Sadler’s Wells London, MC2:

Grenoble, HELLERAU – European Center for the Arts Dresden, Les Théâtres de la Ville de Luxembourg
Supported by Arts Council England
Khan is an Associate Artist of MC2: Grenoble and Sadler’s Wells, London in a special international co-operation


Performance Tickets £22, £18, £14, £8
Under 27s £2 off

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