What is DanceEast’s Associate Artist programme?

The DanceEast Associate Artists programme aims to support individuals looking to develop their practice within the dance industry. The programme aims to support individual artists or duos.

The selected Associates will work with DanceEast to develop their practice over a 3 year timeframe, from April 2022 onwards. Associates will be supported through a combination of resources and opportunities which are relevant to them.

These can include but are not limited to resources such as a £6,000 bursary* (per associate), studio space, use of and opportunities to present work in the Studio Theatre, to share research and receive feedback, an international residency and advice from the DanceEast team.

*Please note that the bursary can be spent as needed by the artist, as long as it’s relevant to your practice we do not dictate how you spend this money. However, there will be some sense of this discussed in the application process to understand how the money spent will benefit the programme and yourself.

Associates will be expected and encouraged to work regularly onsite, to learn more about DanceEast as an organisation and what we do and to feedback with suggestions and thoughts. Associates will have opportunities to take part in creative professional development workshops, attend board meetings and expand their networks through our community.

What it’s not?

It’s not a commission to create a singular piece of work.

It’s also not a guarantee that we will program your work. In fact, many of our previous Associates haven’t presented their work in our theatre but worked with our skills and resources in other meaningful ways instead.

How does it work?

If successful, we’ll already know quite a bit about your practice from the application process but in April 2022 you will be invited to meet with the DanceEast team to look at what resources and opportunities will be the best fit. You’ll agree on a plan and a tailor made support package as well as discuss what you can expect from us and we from you.

This is why we haven’t provided a checklist of resources you can expect from us, as it really does vary so much depending on the needs of each individual. We have supported artists with everything from feedback, studio space, teaching opportunities, time in our Green Screen studio, R&D residencies, Retreats and CPD workshops amongst many, many other resources.

So the way it works is simple but not in a traditional sense, it’s about developing a relationship with us and having conversations along the way, to see what we can provide you that responds to you and your practice in the most fulfilling way.

Who can apply?

Who is this opportunity not designed for?

Why are you specifically encouraging women to apply?

It is abundantly clear to us [at DanceEast] that there is still a lack of opportunity for women artists in dance and gaps in the support offered. We have therefore taken this opportunity to try and address this, by specifically seeking Associate Artists who are women (including trans women) and non-binary people*

*Please note that in this application call out we have used the terms ‘trans women’ and ‘non-binary people’ in their most inclusive sense as broad umbrella terms. We are keen that anyone with an experience of gender that aligns in any way with these terms feels welcome to apply. We recognise that trans and non-binary are not terms that everyone uses to describe themselves, and we respect everyone’s right to choose how they are described as individuals.

These terms may include, but are not limited to: trans, non-binary, gender fluid, agender, woman with a trans history, or woman. We particularly note that some people who transition will regard themselves as women afterwards and no longer consider themselves trans. We also acknowledge and include those who are exploring their gender identity and may describe themselves as gender questioning.

Do I need to live in Ipswich?

We are encouraging applicants who are interested in further developing or establishing a relationship with the East of England but are open to applications from anyone in England. If successful you will need to be present at DanceEast for activities, R&D and/or meetings throughout the three year commitment. However, where possible we will work to suit your diary and any dates will be given well in advance.

How often will I need to be onsite?

There is no set number of days or specific time that you will be onsite during the three years but we want this to be a relationship. We want our artists to feel that they have a home here at DanceEast where they can grow their practice, an audience and find roots here in our community and so it’s important that applicants are able and willing to travel to site regularly.

Is travel and accommodation paid for?

Travel for interviews will be paid for. Accommodation is not provided.

What access support do you provide?

We are committed to ensuring we support all our artists. We encourage all artists to feel they can have open conversations with us about what support they need.

We do have small access budgets for each of our artists and these are assessed based on the needs of the individual through conversations with the Artist Development Team. Example budget could include paying for carers to support you while on site, travel if you do not feel safe or confident using public transport or even just ensuring you have access to a quiet place for time out on days you are on site.

What facilities can I expect when I’m onsite?

Before you arrive you may wonder what facilities we have and how accessible they are to you and your team.

If you have any specific questions, please feel free to email us on artistenquiries@danceeast.co.uk to discuss.

Here is a virtual tour so you can look around before you visit us.

The whole building is fully wheelchair accessible.

There are gender neutral toilets and changing facilities available.

How do I apply?

We’ll be accepting applications via a short Google form, from 17 January until 18 February 2022.

The application is very short but if you would like to familiarise yourself with the questions before completing it please see this PDF of the questions in the application process.

In March, we’ll begin our selection process inviting approximately ten applicants to interviews with a panel and from there some of the applicants will be given the opportunity to pitch ideas of how they will use the time and resources of the programme.

Travel costs will be reimbursed where appropriate and for artists invited to the final stage a stipend of £200 will be provided in gratitude for the work put into preparing for the pitch stage.

Can I submit a video application?

Yes – Please use the questions in this PDF to tell us about your practice.

Video applications should be a maximum of 6 – 10 minutes – this is the allocated time for the application video and any additional footage from your own work will be separate.

Please do not send video applications as Downloadable (Dropbox or WeTransfer) links that may expire and if you choose to use Vimeo or YouTube and a password, please make sure you share the password with us.

Tips for your application

Transparent language is really useful, try to write the application like you are talking to us, face to face.

Before you apply try and think about:

How can I find out more?

Join us for one of our drop in sessions on the 16 December 2021 and 12 January 2022. Where you’ll have a chance to meet the team, have a chat and ask any further questions.

We hope you’ll  also join us to celebrate the launch of applications opening. We’ll be live for 25 minutes. Introducing the Associate Artists programme and what we hope it will achieve, introducing you to the DanceEast Team, who we are and what we do, explaining a bit more about our wider offers to artists, the process and a chance to hear from a couple of our past Associate Artists who can share their first hand experience.

Stay tuned for the date, soon to be confirmed!

How can I connect with DanceEast if I’m not selected or decide not to apply?

Please sign up to our mailing list – it’s the easiest and best way for us to share relevant news with you.

We also recommend you follow our social media where we share opportunities and news.


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