7 Schools: 1 Town

The 7 Schools: 1 Town project was initiated by DanceEast with a consortium of primary schools that feed Northgate secondary school. The cluster was awarded an Arts Council grant to run the workshops, and film elements of the project were led artistically by Gecko’s Associate Director Helen Baggett.

The project aimed for the schools to work together to explore the benefit of culture on students with a focus on dance and movement, and to build confidence in movement teaching in the schools. The consortium believed that dance would inspire the pupils to express themselves more openly, to learn creatively and to help them become more active.

Gecko’s Associate Director, Rich Rusk, filmed the workshops and the schools’ final pieces and created films for each school, which has provided them with a lasting legacy of the project. The project ended in a mass filming day at Christchurch Park, with all of the pupils dancing together to create a final film.

Pupils, teachers and parents were all invited to watch the screenings of each film at DanceEast’s Move | Be Moved Festival in July 2016.


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