Isobel Constable

I got my first compact camera for my 8th birthday and from then onwards photography started to become a greater interest as I grew up. Completing an Art GCSE and having to support my work with photographs continued to develop my interest in photography, alongside continuing to capture photographs in my free time. Moving into A-level, I now study photography, which will hopefully take me to either university or a job. I also dance outside of college, but I am also completing a Dance A-level, which is how I discovered this workshop and allowed me to combine two great interests of mine; photography and dance. I wouldn’t say at this stage there is a particular theme of photography that inspires me the most, however, event photography such as concerts and festivals are subjects that I have found myself leaning towards over this past year. Most specifically, from the Chris Nash workshop, I found experimenting with the light trails combined with the dancers in such a vast area of space extremely interesting and informative because this area would be beneficial for concert/festival photography.


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