Photographer, Chris Nash leads dance photography workshops all over the world and through his touring exhibitions he has built an international reputation as a leader of imaginative interpretations of dance on camera. He takes photographs both in a studio setting and on-stage, having photographed dance companies including Richard Alston Dance Company and Rambert.

DanceEast brought Chris Nash to Ipswich to work with a group of young photographers and some of the best youth dance talent from the region. DanceEast theatre provided the space for two days exploring techniques for photographing movement in a range of light levels. The result is Reimagining Movement, an exhibition of twenty-one images, supported by the Arts Council of England and coinciding with the celebration of U. Dance 2018 taking place in Ipswich.

Chris Nash led the students through two days of photographing the human form in movement. With five dancers directed by dance artist and choreographer Stuart Goodwin, day one was working with the theatre lighting rig, providing different lighting set-ups coupled with varied types of choreography and movement designed to fine tune the photographer’s reactions and technique. Day two used ‘light painting’, treating the theatre as a ‘black box’ with the dancers lit purely by coloured light beams, tac lights and torches, allowing the photographers to paint light onto and around the bodies of the dancers, creating colourful, abstract photographs of the human form. Chris followed the workshop with mentoring sessions for each photographer working with them to refine their images before together selecting their photographs going forward for this exhibition.

DanceEast would like to express sincere thanks to Chris Nash for his commitment and support of the students engaged in the process.

A special mention must also go to the dancers: Freya Brown, Rebecca Callow, Joey Hogger, Jack Parry, Leah Wallings. All dancers are graduates from DanceEast’s Centre for Advanced Training and originally from the South East. They gave their time freely to participate in this project and without them these images would not have been possible. Their commitment and engagement in the process was fundamental to the photographer’s experience and quality of the final images.

Special thanks also go to Stuart Goodwin for his energy and creativity in directing the movement throughout the two days.

The seven photographers that took part in this project are: Isobel Constable (16yrs), Emma Garrard (17rys), Izzy Hall (17yrs, Rebecca Mahoney (17yrs), Lauren Mudge (17yrs), Sofie Parsons (19yrs) and Megan Wheatley (17yrs).


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