Look out for Town Dances in Hadleigh and Stowmarket, a project commissioned by DanceEast and funded by Babergh & Mid Suffolk District Council. The Project will bring together over 120 performers from schools and community groups to create two film portraits, one for each town in Spring 2018.

The project is led by UNIT, a collaboration between choreographer Tom Hobden and film director Kate Flurrie. UNIT will work with local schools, community groups and individuals in each town, encouraging storytelling and the sharing of key life moments that tie people to the town in which they live. These views and memories will be used as the starting point for the creation of dance movement, filmed on location in homes, community centres and sites of local interest involving the community, and supported by professional dancers.

As its culmination, the project will have built a filmed portrait of each town, to be screened in a local venue inĀ April.

For further information email carole.creasey@danceeast.co.uk