Rural Retreat 2015

DanceEast’s 8th Rural Retreat - Future Leaders in Dance - took place from Friday 2 to Monday 5 January 2015, at DanceEast’s home, the Jerwood DanceHouse.

The selected participants for this Rural Retreat were: Alexander Whitley, Amy Hollingsworth, Ben Wright, Charlotte Broom, Christy Bolingbroke, Deidre Chapman, Didy Veldman, Elizabeth Old, Evan Mckie, Freddie Opoku-Addaie, Ihsan Rustem, James Cousins, James MacGillivray, Jean-Marc Puissant, Mikaela Polly, Morgann Runacre-Temple, Paolo Mangiola, Rebecca Evans, Renaud Wiser, Rosie Kay, Simone Orlando, Thomas Small, Xi Qin and Zhu Yan.

Assis Carreiro, Chris Hampson, John Carver, Kenneth Tharp and John Sutherell were Guest Speakers and Presenters.


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