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You’ll find the East is a place that defies convention: our skies are awesome, our landscapes simply breathtaking, and our art and culture has led the world for hundreds of years.

From Benjamin Britten to the biggest world orchestra on the Suffolk Coast. From Constable’s landscapes to cutting-edge live art in urban Ipswich. From the home of creative writing to a festival city of world art in Norwich, England’s only UNESCO City of Literature. From fishing port to historic family getaway, Great Yarmouth is forging a new identity through radical circus and outdoor arts – and fun is still written through it like the letters in a stick of rock. The East is home to art that welcomes the world, challenges expectations, and leaves you changed.

We are on the doorstep of Europe, a place of international exchange for centuries, where hospitality and friendly greetings stretch from coast to countryside. Expand your horizons in the place where culture welcomes the curious.

Unexpected and close to home, Look Sideways – East, for world-class culture.

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