Please do not attend in-person classes at DanceEast if:

  1. SCHOOL ISOLATION – If you are sent home from school to isolate because a member of staff / student has tested positive for COVID-19
  2. FAMILY / HOUSEHOLD ISOLATION – If a member of your household tests positive but you have no symptoms you must isolate for 14 days
  3. PERSONAL COVID-19 SYMPTOMS – If you have symptoms of coronavirus you should isolate for 10 days and arrange to get tested (Test and Trace).

If any of the above applys to you please email

If a student is isolating at home and should have been attending in-person classes at the weekend, we will be streaming classes live from the studio via Zoom for students to join in.

Don’t miss the blooper at the end of the video! 

CAT COVID-19 Guidance Poster






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