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Self-Care & Wellbeing with Archana Ballal

Wednesday 7 July

Look at some techniques to manage different responses to new situations in and out of the studio with Archana Ballal.

Pilates with Taylor Benjamin

Wednesday 23 June

Taylor Benjamin guides you through a Pilates session designed to increase strength, flexibility, and coordination through functional movement.

Flexibility with Gaby Cooke

Wednesday 16 June

Increase your flexibility with Gaby Cooke through a yoga-based session for this week’s Health Class.


Preparation for Performance with Natasha King

Wednesday 9 June

Natasha King will guide you through steps to prepare mentally and physically for performance.

Agility with Claire Farmer

Wednesday 26 May

This week your session is delivered by Claire Farmer and will help you build speed and dexterity through movement.

Yoga (Inversions) with Gaby Cooke

Wednesday 19 May 2021

This session is delivered by Gaby Cooke and will combine yoga and inversions to build strength and balance.

Posture with Aaron May-Vickers

Wednesday 5 May 2021

This week’s Health session will focus on posture and how to improve our posture from the increased amount of time sitting at screens.

Transitions in Training with Natasha King

Wednesday 28 April

This weeks Health class guides you through some useful  tools to help support your return to dance training so that you can make the most out of your time at the CAT.

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