Brittanie Dillon

I joined the DanceEast CAT in 2010 having done a small amount of ballet training before hand. Thanks to the amazing faculty and exposure at DanceEast, I fully realised my passion for dance and was eager to fully develop and advance my knowledge and skill in all areas of dance but with a particular focus on ballet.

I graduated at the age of 16 to train at Central School of Ballet.  Alongside touring with Ballet Central I also have the pleasure of working as an Apprentice with New Adventures on their production of The Red Shoes.

The preparation that the DanceEast CAT provided me was instrumental in helping me achieve my goals and aspirations. The diverse programme on offer means that we become versatile and determined dancers and choreographers – I’ve learnt how to be tenacious and focused, DanceEast helped me to hone my skills and understand what is required of a professional dancer today.



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