Harry Galloway

I joined the DanceEast Centre for Advanced Training in September 2011 and graduated from there in 2015 to study at Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance. Before I joined DanceEast I had very little dance experience, and have no doubt that the experience of being a CAT student wholly prepared me for where I am now.

During my time at DanceEast, I was very lucky to perform at the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, London in an event called One Big Stage. The Artistic Director was none other than Gareth Malone. 22 dancers from DanceEast were lucky enough to spend time at the Royal Opera House meeting other dancers from other CATs, rehearsing in the same studios as the professional dancers and meeting the good and the great of the dance world – Darcey Bussell, Carlos Acosta, Wayne McGregor to name but a few.  Our performance on the main stage at the Royal Opera House was a sellout. Walking out on to that stage was one of the most amazing, exhilarating and scary sensation I have ever felt. This was a key moment for me – it gave me self-belief in my own abilities as a dancer, I met so many wonderful people and confirmed to me that dance is what I want to do in life.

My training at DanceEast enabled me to dance with National Youth Dance Company, I’ve since had the privilege of meeting and working with accomplished dancers and choreographers and could not have done this without the guidance of the team at the CAT.

I also joined EDGE in 2019; London Contemporary Dance School’s postgraduate touring dance company.


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