I attended DanceEast Centre for Advance Training from 2012 to 2014 and went on to train at Doreen Bird College of Dance, Music and Theatre Performance in London. From the minute my training started on the CAT Scheme I was introduced to professional classes enhancing technique, confidence and professionalism, audition processes, workshops with famous choreographers, off site filming and endless opportunities .

Not only were all my teachers amazing role models but all of us as students, that were lucky enough to be chosen for this scheme, were supportive to each other and treated one another like family and it was such an amazing environment putting in life lessons and building foundations for us all to become professional dancers not to mention the fun and friendships built along the way. It really was the most amazing experience. I mean where else would you find a room full of smiling happy children that volunteer for hard work.

So if I could sum up what DanceEast has done for me it would be; its taught me how my body works and the possibilities it could reach safely, what I need to make my body work properly, it’s taught me to believe I am capable of every style and built a confidence to attempt anything anywhere, also to be professional at all times. That it’s not just technique it also is your performance that you need to entertain to move forward in this industry.

Without the training here I would not have been lucky enough to have the amazing opportunities I have had since leaving the CAT including working with JoJo Gomez, David Leighton, Andrew Wilson, Alexander Chung and many more, and experience working in exciting places like Los Angeles, New York, London and Hong Kong not to mention many more. DanceEast provided me with the tools to pursue my dreams and will always be my favourite place to come back to.

Thank you to everyone at DanceEast for the endless support and encouragement.


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