Charlotte Miller

Charlotte Miller is a current DanceEast Centre for Advanced Training student
"My creative voice has grown throughout my time at the DanceEast Centre for Advanced Training. I discovered a love for contemporary dance and was amazed by its vast possibilities. I had enjoyed classical ballet previously but felt that I could only express one part of myself. In contemporary, I feel I can be my whole self and communicate an entire emotional experience.
I’ve met some incredible friends on the scheme, who share my aspirations and I’m grateful for the support of the C.A.T. scheme; I feel I can enter audition season as a well-rounded dance artist with all the tools I need to succeed."

Q&A with Charlotte

How did you first get involved with DanceEast?

I was talent-spotted for the CAT by Tom Hobden, who was my creative tutor at primary school. I waited to audition until I was 14 and looking to pursue dance more seriously.

When I auditioned I found some of the sequences tricky to remember but the overall feeling of the audition was very calm. A couple of weeks later the CAT manager called me up to tell me I’d been accepted onto the scheme – I couldn’t believe it!


What did you learn from working with Jasmin Vardimon Company earlier this year on the CAT scheme’s annual show?

During the Jasmin Vardimon intensive I learned that I could be much more athletic than I ever thought I could be. I also learned to expose myself creatively and stay cool under pressure. Additionally, I learnt to build my emotional resilience and respond professionally to corrections.


 What is it about contemporary dance that you connect with so deeply? Do you think you would have discovered this without DanceEast?

I love contemporary dance because I get to connect with the joy of movement that I felt when I danced as a toddler… I also enjoy contemporary because it takes on aspects of ballet form, which my body feels accustomed to, but with so much more authenticity.


 Where are you hoping to audition this season? What are your future plans?

I am hoping to apply to a number of UK conservatoires such as Rambert, Laban, The Place, Northern and possibly the National Centre for Circus Arts. I am also applying to universities like Roehampton, Edge Hill and Plymouth. My ultimate goal is to study abroad.

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