AfroBeats workshop with Annesha Ong


Annesha’s workshop is a fusion of two fast, fun and joyful dance styles rooted in the African diaspora. Dancehall is a Jamaican genre of music and dance with links to reggae, Afrobeats evolved from traditional African dance styles following the development of Afrobeats music. Both are hugely popular dance forms in music videos and can be seen blended with other commercial Western dance forms. In this workshop you’ll learn a series of steps and phrases that blend both Dancehall and Afrobeats and play with these in an energy packed workshop – be prepared to bring it!


Annesha Ong is a Hip hop & contemporary trained dancer. She teaches Hip Hop and AfroMix at Dance City Newcastle. She is passionate about community classes and loves to uplift people in her classes.

Annesha ran her own dance company ‘Annesha’s School Of Dance’ in the North East after teaching young people and adult classes and leading groups to participate in different performances, platforms and events. Annesha was a Young Ambassador for the Princes Trust and was successfully funded by them to establish her business.

After graduating from University of Bedfordshire, Annesha has continued her training and been part of a range of projects such as Open Art Surgery 2019 run by Jonzi D, Artist4Artist 2018 run by Lee Griffiths and DanceCity Pulse 2016.  Annehsa is currently collaborating with dancers and a film maker in the North East making dance films during lockdown.


We want everyone to take part in U.Dance East 2021 in a safe and enjoyable environment. Participants must agree to abide by the following guidelines and instructions.

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Don’t forget, you can get involved in other ways too!


We’ve asked our friend Martell Richards at MRD Dance to set you all a little challenge, watch the video below for instructions!

Once you’ve completed your movement, we’d love to see it!

You can share it with us in 2 ways:

1) Share it with us on social media, by tagging us @danceeast @onedanceuk @uniofbedsdance

2) Email it to us by Friday 19 March 2021, if you’d like your footage to be included in a short celebration film that will be aired as part of the U.Dance East event on March 27. Send the clip via WeTransfer (or similar) to:



Head over to our TikTok (@DanceEast_uk) channel where we’ve created a dance challenge! All you have to do is learn the routine and film yourself performing it, post it on TikTok with #UDanceEast21 in the caption and you’ll be streamed straight to our live audiences on the big day!


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