Ballet Barre (16+)

Ballet Barre will help to improve strength, flexibility, posture, coordination and develops an increased sense of elegance and fluidity. Ballet Barre focuses on all areas of barre work including both slow and fast exercises, which both serve to strengthen muscles and get your brain working! This is an open level class however the tutor will make adaptations to suit those who would like more out of the class.

For more information and enquiries, please contact our Box Office on 01473 295230.


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Class Days and Times

Thursday | 6.30 – 7.30pm

What to wear

Please wear ballet shoes, or have bare feet, and comfortable non-restrictive clothing, preferably tights/leggings and a leotard or tight fitting top so that the teacher can see your body alignment. This is not compulsory and is simply a suggestion. We want everyone in the class to feel at ease, so if you choose to not dress in that way then that won’t be a problem at all. We also ask that long hair is tied up.


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