Creative Hip Hop (4-7yrs)

This course focuses on developing musicality, co-ordination and confidence with a focus on creativity and developing the children’s’ own moves.

Students will learn how to interact with other dancers and how to express themselves through movement. Beginning with an aerobic warm up, followed by technique practice and a great routine, this course is for all abilities and there is the opportunity for progression with Hip Hop courses catering to young people up to the age of 16.

Avant Garde Dance, one of the most exciting Hip Hop contemporary companies in the UK, leads all of DanceEast’s Hip Hop classes.

Avant Garde Dance (AG) is a London based company pushing the boundaries of hip-hop dance. Their dynamic performances have musicality at their core and explore different styles, themes and media.

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Avant Garde Dance

Avant Garde is a London based company pushing the boundaries of hip-hop and contemporary dance.

Class Days and Times

Saturday | 10.30 – 11.30am



What to wear

Children can wear pretty much anything they feel comfortable in but jeans are not recommended. Please wear non-marking trainers.