Extended Timetable: Ballet | Open Ability (16+)

This open class allows you, whatever your ability, to experience the elegant moves of ballet, focusing on alignment, posture and coordination.

Ballet helps to improve strength, flexibility and posture and develops an increased sense of elegance and fluidity. This class is generally gentle, but the tutor will make adaptations to moves to suit those who want more out of the class.

This class is classically based and usually starts at the barre. The barre supports you and the exercises at the barre are designed to increase strength, mobility and turn out. The class then moves onto centre and corner work and may include jumping.

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Meet the Tutor
Gail Lister

Gail trained at Linda Shipton School of Dance and was a Suffolk Scholar. She went on to graduate from Laine Theatre Arts and took part in trade shows and commercial work before cruising the world and then turning to teaching.

What to wear

Please wear ballet shoes, or have bare feet, and comfortable non-restrictive clothing, preferably tights/leggings and a leotard or tight fitting top so that the teacher can see your body alignment. This is not compulsory and is simply a suggestion. We want everyone in the class to feel at ease, so if you choose to not dress in that way then that won’t be a problem at all. We also ask that long hair is tied up.


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