Hip Hop workshop with Quan Hoang



Quan’s workshop will explore a range of hip hop and street influenced movements and phrases. The emphasis is on musicality and patterning, and exploring sharp articulate moments against bigger, fierce movement. Come prepared to sweat and have lots of fun!


Quan is a hip-hop choreographer born and raised in East London, UK. He has learned from a variety of teachers learning particular styles within the street styles for example, hip hop, House, Krump, popping and locking.

He came second place as a soloist and third with his group, ZKMO, at Masters of Dance in Majorca. Other competitions he has danced in are World of Dance UK Qualifiers in London, where his group, Cartel, placed second again. Quan has also travelled with his current company, Definitives, to Germany to compete in Finals Dance Competition.

He graduated from University of Bedfordshire with a BA in Dance and Professional Practice where he learnt other technical dance styles like ballet and various styles of contemporary. He pushes his movement by thoroughly feeling the music, or depending on what kind of intention he chooses to tell. As most of his life, he has always trained by exchanging movement such as freestyles and friendly small scale battles with other groups of people – this has influenced his training and given him his own style, helping him find different ways of showing movement, textures and grooves.


We want everyone to take part in U.Dance East 2021 in a safe and enjoyable environment. Participants must agree to abide by the following guidelines and instructions.

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Don’t forget, you can get involved in other ways too!


We’ve asked our friend Martell Richards at MRD Dance to set you all a little challenge, watch the video below for instructions!

Once you’ve completed your movement, we’d love to see it!

You can share it with us in 2 ways:

1) Share it with us on social media, by tagging us @danceeast @onedanceuk @uniofbedsdance @mrd.dance

2) Email it to us by Friday 19 March 2021, if you’d like your footage to be included in a short celebration film that will be aired as part of the U.Dance East event on March 27. Send the clip via WeTransfer (or similar) to: u.dance@danceeast.co.uk


Head over to our TikTok (@DanceEast_uk) channel where we’ve created a dance challenge! All you have to do is learn the routine and film yourself performing it, post it on TikTok with #UDanceEast21 in the caption and you’ll be streamed straight to our live audiences on the big day!


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