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Discover dance skills and create your own movement with a creative focus. This class is for adults with additional needs.

This class is for adults with additional needs and carers are not required to attend unless personal care and support is needed. The tutors have extensive experience teaching dance to adults with learning and physical difficulties.

This class helps the participants to adapt to different situations and it assists with their social, creative and physical development. Engaging props, themes and stimuli are used to create beautiful movement.

Participants will begin to explore choreography and how to put moves together to create routines or pieces that can be expressive, narrative, emotional or purely physical.

What happens in the class?

Participants work in small groups to explore movement material they have been assisted to create and use varying choreographic devices to form short routines.

What would you say to a new attendee/beginner of your class?

We are very welcoming, friendly and supportive people. Come join us to have a fun time with lots of good music and dancing, plus the opportunity to share your work to an audience of family and friends at the end of term!


For further information about this class please contact Box Office on 01473 295230.

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Meet the Tutor
Joanna Haste
Class Days and Times

Tuesday | 7.15 – 8.30pm





Ability Level
What to wear

You can wear any loose, comfortable clothing which you can move freely in and we do please ask that you have bare feet. Please bring a drink and a CD/Track of your choice if you wish to do a solo dance.


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