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***Please note – this is a video subscription, not a live class***


The focus of the class will be on gentle mobilisation of the joints to access the spine to maintain ease of movement. There will be breath work and awareness of breathing as we move through gentle postures. The class will allow you time to arrive and to become aware of the breathing, we will move through some asana work, saving time for a restful relaxation at the end and pauses throughout the class.

If you join us for an Open Yoga class, you will gain a greater sense of awareness of your body and your range of movement, a focus on the breath allowing time for quietening of the mind.


You don’t need prior yoga experience; this is a class for everyone regardless of your ability. Please note: this class is not suitable for anyone who is pregnant.


You should wear anything that you feel comfortable to move in and that is non-restrictive e.g. leggings, tracksuit bottoms or workout gear. You should also try to wear layers, as the nature of the practice creates heat in the body and being able to remove some clothing will prevent you from getting too hot. You will need a non-slip yoga mat and a yoga block, or a cushion if you don’t have a block. You should be bare foot throughout the class. You may wish to have a jumper or a blanket for the relaxation at the end of the class.

Make sure you have water to hand, it’s important to stay hydrated.

We’ll send you the Zoom link for your class 1 hour before via email, and you’ll be able to join the class up to 15 minutes early. Before you take part in a class, please make sure you read our Safe Practice at Home Checklist, click here to download now.


Below is a useful tip from our tutor, Katharine, for while you’re taking part in the class.
· Focus on the breath throughout the practice and just do what feels comfortable for you.

You will have access to the full term of classes until Monday 4 January, 2021.

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Meet the Tutor
Katharine Lawrence

Katharine's yoga journey began in 1996 in London with Satyananda and Sivananda Yoga, returning to Kerala to train to teach Sivananda in 2004. A few years later, Katharine found Ashtanga in Goa and loved the heat and intensity of practice, the constant breath and flow - she then went to Mysore to practice under Sharath and Saraswati.

Class Days and Times

A video subscription provides you with access to the full term of Yoga (Open) classes, so you can take part at a time that suits you.


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