Our Dance From Home project is run at Sherrington House in Ipswich, a care home run by Partnership in Care. The project gives the residents the opportunity to participate in great dance, which contributes to improving the resident’s overall physical and mental health and wellbeing. The Covid-19 pandemic heightened feelings of isolation and loneliness felt by residents, and this weekly activity helps to combat them.

Dance From Home is lead by Dance Artist Karen Pratt and assisted by Ysobelle Franks, one of our University of Suffolk BA (Hons) Dance students. They deliver the sessions in the garden of the care home, with residents joining in and watching through the window. Both artists have provided props for the care home to use such as ribbons sticks and paper plates which helped the participants to extend and develop their movements. One week, the residents used leaves and conkers from the garden to create an autumn themed dance.. Outside of the sessions, they have been providing 1-1 phone and FaceTime calls to the residents.

The residents have enjoyed dancing to music ranging from the 20’s to the 80’s to musical soundtracks – even the carers and support staff are giving it a good go!. They have learnt several routines, and particularly enjoyed one set to Reet Petite by Jackie Wilson.

It’s such a brilliant hour spent at the home. Lots of people are engaging, having a laugh and trying something new with us.”

“Taking part in these sessions has been so fulfilling as it provides so much joy to the residents. By holding sessions that they can look forward to, we act as a support to the residents feel more active. They also feel more connected to not only us but other residents and the care home staff.” Ysobelle Franks.



Dance From Home has been kindly supported by Suffolk Community Foundation, Suffolk Coronavirus Fund Response.


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