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External Ballet School Information

The DanceEast Centre for Advanced Training (CAT) strives to work together with external ballet providers to ensure we can support young people wanting to train in dance in the Eastern region. The DanceEast CAT highly values the continued support and relationships with external ballet providers.
Students who cannot attend DanceEast CAT’s midweek ballet class on Thursday evenings at the Jerwood DanceHouse (usually due to residing in Cambridgeshire, Norfolk, or being located too far from the DanceHouse) may participate in a ballet class offered by an external provider.

The DanceEast CAT will cover the cost of one weekly ballet class which is roughly 60-90 minutes long. The maximum amount that DanceEast will reimburse each week is £17 per class. If an individual weekly class is more than £17, parents/carers will need to make up the short fall.

Please note that while many private providers may follow an exam syllabus, any additional expenses such as exam fees will not be covered by the DanceEast CAT. Additionally, pointe work is not included in the CAT training, so the external ballet class should not incorporate this aspect. We also ask that the class is a group class, rather than an individual private lesson.

Students have the freedom to select any external ballet provider (e.g., dance school) that they believe offers suitable training for them. Although the DanceEast CAT cannot recommend specific dance schools, we can provide information on schools that previous CAT students have attended if assistance is needed in making contact.

Where possible, dance Schools should invoice DanceEast directly by contacting We also ask that external providers complete the attached register each half-term and submit this to so that we can monitor student’s attendance (reminders about the attendance form will be sent at the end of each half term). The DanceEast CAT will cover the tuition fee for a full term, even if a student is unable to attend every week. Please note that it is the responsibility of a student’s parent/carer to enrol their young person in a ballet class with a private provider and arrange payment.

We ask parents/carers to ensure the external ballet provider submits an invoice for just one termly class. The invoice should clearly state the student’s name, timing/length of the class, how many classes and the time period the invoice is for, for example:

Name of student, Weekly Ballet Classes with name of ballet school, 5pm-6.30pm, five classes, Monday 7 September – Friday 21 October 2022.

External ballet providers can invoice half termly, or termly. Invoices should be sent electronically to with our address listed as:

DanceEast Centre for Advanced Training
Jerwood DanceHouse
Foundry Lane
Ipswich, Suffolk

New students who enrol to join the DanceEast CAT at the start of the new academic year in September, are able to continue with an external ballet class if it directly clashes with their allocated DanceEast CAT ballet class on a Thursday evening. This arrangement is determined on a case-by-case basis and must be agreed upon in advance with the CAT Team. For further details, please contact via email.

To enrol a student in an external ballet class, parents/carers are required to register by completing the below online form. It is important to note that the confirmation of the arrangement to attend the external ballet class is subject to review and approval by the CAT Team.

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