Get Dancing 2018/19

"The aim of our Get Dancing campaign is to ensure that children and young people in the East of England have access to great dance. Dance has so many benefits - it provides exercise for the mind and the body. It's about health, it's about confidence and it's about ambition."

- Brendan Keaney, Chief Executive and Artistic Director of DanceEast

Our Get Dancing campaign came to an end on Sunday March 31 2019. Twenty-five individual stories have been told over the past 6 months, through the medium of written testimonies, videos and pictures. The campaign has raised over £4400, including match funding from Arts Council England. As a thank you, we have taken some time to look back and reflect on some of the wonderful stories we’ve heard over the past 6 months.


Regular access to dance can improve children’s physical fitness, co-ordination and concentration levels and helps to prevent obesity. Dance releases endorphins and is a natural form of stress-relief, which is increasingly vital for young people going through exams and pressure at school. Dancing is also a great way of socialising and meeting new people. Even though this particular campaign has come to a close, the work we are doing within the local community continues and there are always ways to support us. Please watch the video and donate whatever you can via the link below.


Thank you.

“Whenever it’s a Centre for Advanced Training day I’m not in bottom set! I really persevered to get into CAT because I could see that it could be life-changing. I have enjoyed being in a place where everyone is an amazing dancer and there are no limits to how good you can be. I’m really proud to be part of it – it’s kind of changed me. It’s also given me lots of new responsibilities that I wouldn’t have had otherwise like getting the train every week.”

- Isaac, 13, a current CAT Student
“Dance should be accessible to all. DanceEast offers people with additional physical, intellectual, mental and emotional needs (and more) help to participate in dance and that is, in itself, a beautiful thing. It’s wonderful to watch so many young people have so much fun and grow in confidence.”

- Joanna Haste, local community dance artist and DanceEast Springboard class tutor.
“I like DanceEast as I find it really fun and energetic. By performing, it has built my confidence and I have met a lot of friends and interesting people that I wouldn’t have met otherwise. I think dancing is an amazing way to express yourself and burn off any frustration or if you’ve had a bad day at school.”

- Dominic, 12, a member of DanceEast’s all-male performance company Boys United.
“I’ve lived in the East all my life and DanceEast has played such an integral part in making me who I am… It’s just such a wonderful place to go, as a young dancer, to have somewhere that you can be challenged and that you can believe in, where you are supported in the choices you make.”

- Isis Clunie, former CAT Student and current student at London Contemporary Dance School, says:
“I really enjoy dancing and I particularly like the performance part. Dancing with Boys United has helped me be more confident. I like that we work as a team and have a voice to make suggestions that can influence the choreography.”

- Finn, 13, a member of DanceEast’s all-male performance company Boys United.



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