Costs and Funding

The fee per student for academic year 2018/19 is £3,686. This is set by the Department for Education and is a National Grant level.

Amount of Grant (2018/19)

Relevant Income


Parental Contribution

up to £30,227 £3,686 nil
£30,228 to £34,257 £3,317 £369
£34,258 to £38,288 £2,948 £738
£38,289 to £42,318 £2,580 £1,106
£42,319 to £46,348 £2,211 £1,475
£46,349 to £50,378 £1,843 £1,843
£50,379 to £54,410 £1,475 £2,211
£54,411 to £58,440 £1,106 £2,580
£58,441 to £62,470 £738 £2,948
£62,471 to £66,498 £370 £3,316
£66,499 or more nil £3,686


Parental contributions can be paid in three termly instalments, or over ten months by monthly standing order.

Travel and Dancewear

Students may apply for financial assistance with travel and dancewear costs. Applications can be made on a yearly basis, and assistance is means tested on the same scale as the grant funding, e.g. families who are entitled to a full grant are also entitled to full reimbursement for dancewear and travel costs; families who are entitled to 50% grant are entitled to claim 50% of these costs.

The fact that we are currently able to get a full grant is wonderful. It means that my daughter can have the best possible training without having to worry about the fees. Without the Music and Dance Scheme grant she would not be able to attend the DanceEast Centre for Advanced Training or access this level of training.
"Without CAT there is no way that I would have thought seriously about a career in dance let alone attempt one. The friends I have made and opportunities have been invaluable."
Ex-DanceEast Student now studying at Northern School of Contemporary Dance