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A typical Sunday: Rebecca, Aged 15, Level 4



I wake up and make my way downstairs to have some breakfast that will kick start my Sunday at DanceEast CAT.


Once I’ve checked the timetable, packed my dance bag and checked that I’ve got everything I need, my mum then drives me to DanceEast.


I like to get there early, to make sure that I know exactly where to go and what order my classes are in. I also like to make sure I am fully warmed up before my first class starts.


The first of four classes start. This will be either one of the two technique classes, ballet and contemporary, or health or creative. My favourite class to start the day off is ballet, as I feel like this works each body part and eases me into the busy day ahead.


After the first class, it is usually time for our lunch break. On an average day, our lunch is 30 minutes long, although sometimes it can be for as long as 40 minutes, if we’re lucky! During this we eat to re-fuel our bodies, and have time to change and stretch, ready for the next class.


The contemporary technique class is by far my favourite! During this we learn and work on multiple things such as posture, turnout, strength and stamina. I feel like I learn a lot in each class and progress more and more each week.


We now have a 15 minute break before our next class, to fill up water bottles and change, etc.


Our health class can be about building strength, balance, fitness, yoga, nutrition and many other things. These sessions are always informative, which helps our lives as young dancers.


Again, we have another 15 minute break before our next class, to have a snack, change or write something down that we’ve learnt in our notebooks.


The last class of the day is creative. During this we learn how to make our own dance material, and express ourselves as much as possible. We also learn about other choreographers and how they create their pieces.


Before finishing the day, we have a 15 minute cool down with the teacher who taught our previous class. This is to make sure our heart rate slowly lowers back to normal, whilst getting rid of any tension held in the body. We also stretch out our muscles to increase flexibility. Once our bodies are thoroughly cooled down, it’s time to go home, relax and reflect on the tiring day.


I have worked with a large number of the CAT schemes across the country but was so impressed with students of DanceEast CAT. The group were creative and had great technique as well as an intelligent and methodical approach to learning. By the end of the project they were performing and dancing with a maturity well beyond their years.
James Wilton
I am both extremely excited and saddened to be leaving DanceEast this year; on one hand, it is a step closer to achieving a professional career in ballet and becoming a greater artist, but it also means having to say goodbye to the wonderful teachers, choreographers and tutors who have passed down their knowledge and experience to help me achieve my dream. I never imagined, three years ago, that I would be in this situation, and I cannot thank them enough for their dedication and help.” DanceEast ex-student now studying at Central School of Ballet.
Ex-DanceEast Student now studying at the Central School of Ballet
I’ve nearly finished my first full term at college and love it. I’m thankful for all the preparation CAT gave me. I have been invited to try out for auditions for 2015's Move It Dance Event and have been lucky enough to be selected, so I’ll be performing and representing Bird College.
Ex-DanceEast Student now studying at Bird College

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