Who are the classes suitable for?

Everyone, everywhere! Our digital dance classes are designed with everyone in mind so you should be able to find a class that suits you.

What classes will be available?

The digital programme will include classes for different age groups, as well as chair-based exercises so that if you have limited mobility, you’re still able to join in and stay active. The classes available include Tots & Co aimed at under 5s, Creative Dance for 4-7, 7-11 and 11-16 years. Our adult classes are for those aged 16+ years and include ballet, Ballet Barre, contemporary, Pilates, yoga and Digital Movers.

When will the classes will be running?

The classes will be running from 10am each day for 24 hours, Monday – Saturday. You can see the timetable here.

How long will the classes be?

The classes will be approximately 15 – 30 minutes in length, but you’ll be able to pause the video, rewind and repeat an exercise as you wish. So ultimately, you can dance for as long as you like while the classes are available! Please note, the classes will be available online for 24 hours at a time from 10am each day, so make sure you tune in with our timetable!

Do I need to book?

You don’t need to let us know or book. However, we would love to hear from you! Tell us about your experiences and share your own videos of you dancing using #HomeIsWhereTheDanceIs in your posts!

How much does it cost?

All of the digital dance classes are free! However, if you enjoyed the classes, DanceEast is a registered charity and if you’d like to make a donation, click here! Thank you for your support.

How much room will I need to take part?

These classes have been designed with a small space in mind, make sure your space is clear from objects and there are no pendant hanging lights above you!

Do I need to prepare anything before taking part?          

We recommend that you warm-up before taking part in any dance class. Raise your heartrate, mobilise your joints and do some gentle stretching to prepare yourself to move! Our warm up and cool down classes will always be available to give you guidance! Click here to access.


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