Isaac Looker

Isaac Looker is a current DanceEast Centre for Advanced Training student
DanceEast has helped me to understand different ways of dancing and choreographing. It has also given me lots of new responsibilities that I wouldn't have had otherwise. Getting the train has become a new routine. DanceEast CAT has been a different experience from all the dancing that I had done before, it feels very exciting to be part of a big scheme like CAT. I am very proud to be a part of it.

Whenever it's a CAT day I'm not in bottom set!

I really persevered to get into CAT because I could see that it could be life changing. I have enjoyed being in a place where everyone is an amazing dancer and there are no limits to how good you can be, the teachers will always be able to make you better.

I think CAT has made me more mature as a person and now I'm more confident in what I do, what I say and how I dance.

Next year I am looking forward to making new friends and to a change in our dance environment - even though it will be the same room, it will be different people to dance with. I enjoyed the Jasmin Vardimon end of year show, I loved the combination of acting and dancing, the process was fun and the professionals really pushed me to achieve my best performance.

Q&A with Isaac

What encouraged you to continue auditioning for the CAT programme after being unsuccessful twice?  

Isaac: I thought I might as well try again to see if I could get in this time.  I just went and and enjoyed the day.


In what way do you feel the CAT programme has been life changing?

Isaac: I feel like it’s an opportunity to bring myself to another level of dancing and could potentially open up new pathways.


Other than dance, what has DanceEast taught you? 

Isaac: Responsibility!  I actually have to rely on myself for organising my day.


What advice would you give other young people thinking about coming to DanceEast?

Isaac: Just apply because nothing bad will happen if you don’t get in.  They might even have some good ideas for you in the meantime.


What are your aspirations for the future?

Isaac: I’d like to be a professional dancer dancing in a company.  And maybe travel the world.

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