Karen Pratt

Karen Pratt is a local Dance Artist

Photo credit: Mikaela Jade

“I’m Karen Louise Pratt, a Suffolk based Dance Artist. I started my dance journey at DanceEast, way back when they ran classes at Northgate Arts Centre. When I moved back from university I engaged with DanceEast straight away, attending weekly classes, and later, joining ‘Dance Unlimited’ one of their performance companies. My engagement with DanceEast has blossomed so much in the space of 5 years and has inspired and motivated me to be where I am today.
I’ve had doors and opportunities opened to me, from assisting lead artists on community projects such as ‘7 Schools 1 Town’ and ‘The Inkwell’ which involved working with primary and secondary schools, to working with their dementia friendly classes. I’ve also taught on the Summer Schools, delivering creative dance and Arts Award sessions. All these experiences have built my skills, working with a diverse range of people and it’s been truly fulfilling.
I’m now running my own dance company, delivering classes to teenagers and older movers. I’m also collaborating with artists of all disciplines to create dance projects for the wider community, this is through networks I’ve made through DanceEast, and through skills they have provided me with. I feel very fortunate. They have supported and helped me grow throughout the last 5 years particularly, and have become not just a place of work, but a second home.”

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