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Moving Habitats are three 30-minute bitesize films for primary school aged children (Key Stages 1 and 2), which explore environmental issues through creative dance and what’s more, are FREE. The relate directly to the approach to delivering Primary dance developed through our innovative live online teaching programme, Digital Primaries.

The Moving Habitats films have been developed to support cross-curricular learning and are a great way to either introduce or embed understanding of the impact of environmental issues on three habitats – The Arctic and Melting Ice Caps, Oceans and Plastic Pollution, and Coasts and Rising Sea Levels.

Before pressing play check out the instructions in the Resource Pack below to find out what you’ll need to get started and take a look at the trailer. Then, when you’re ready, scroll down or head to the YouTube playlist to join dance artists Hannah, Isaac, and Divya and become an Earth Explorer!

These lessons are designed to be delivered in your own setting through a pre-recorded video, with a teacher/supporting adult present to assist your students with the creative tasks, pause the video when requested, and to give differentiation and extension tasks to the children, as found in the ‘EXTRA’ supporting document when the ‘Extra’ sign appears. The participatory films are 20 minutes long with approximately 10 minutes of pre-planned moments to pause the video and create in your own setting, before restarting the video and moving on to the next task. Each film has two ‘extra’ tasks during the lesson.


Follow the links below to the Supporting Documents to be used alongside the films:

  • ‘Resource Pack’ including
    – Overview – what the films are, who it’s for, accessibility and how it can be used in your setting to support learning – understanding of environmental issues and cross-curricular links.
    – Instructions – what you will need to safely set up the dance film lessons, prepare the space and get children ready.
    – Tips & Tools – how to develop your students’ creative dance skills
  • ‘EXTRA’ – Differentiation and Extension Tasks with information including how to tailor the tasks for different ages, access needs, and Key Stages.
  • ‘Lesson Plans’ – including curriculum programmes of study, key vocabulary, learning objectives, lesson content and teacher/supporting adult hints and tips.
    The Arctic and Melting Ice Caps
    Oceans and Plastic Pollution
    Coasts and Rising Sea Levels

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Interested in more? DanceEast also offers its unique Digital Primaries programme to Primary schools, providing live online dance lessons which supports learning across the curriculum. To find out more about Digital Primaries, please email or sign up here.


Moving Habitats is commissioned by The Space with National Lottery funding from Arts Council England.



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