The most recent successful applicants are Mitchell Gardiner and Carla Devereux (Yr 12), Grace Goddard and Chloe Whatmough (Yr 11) and Charlie Manning (Yr 9); they join those already on the course – Leah Wallings and Joe Hogger (Yr 13) and Catherine Gaukroger and Ryan Bailey-Knox (Yr 12).

The ‘CAT’ is a world class, non-residential programme, which supports and nurtures gifted and talented young people between 10 – 18 years, who would like to pursue a career in dance. Funded by the Department for Education, the Centre offers means tested grants to cover all or part of the training and boasts a 100% success rate of graduates continuing dance at conservatoire or university level.

Elsa Urmston, director of the CAT scheme has said that OSA holds the record for the greatest number of successful students simultaneously securing a place from one school/academy. She thinks that our students have “a smashing attitude” which they exhibit well in audition and have “an ability to problem solve and persevere in the face of challenge”.

She further commends our students for their respect for the differences between themselves and and others who auditioned alongside them and for the passion they show for their dance, which “shines through” .

Mr Ashworth – wearing his ‘Dance Teacher’ hat – is, rightly, extremely proud of these (and ALL of our) students – who work so hard and show such amazing commitment – both here at OSA and in their work at DanceEast. WELL DONE ALL OF YOU – we look forward to seeing you perform at some of the dance shows this year!