An Interview with Mark Bruce

  Intrepid jungle explorers, epic adventure, Egyptian gods, mummies, burning astronauts; Mark Bruce Company’s new show Return To Heaven sounds like an amalgam of all the great movies of the 70s and 80s brought to the stage. In fact, Mark cites diverse influences from Hammer Horror to Dawn of the Dead via David Lynch, David…

Hansel & Gretel – the classic fairy tale gets a dance makeover

Following on from the 2017-19 touring success of The Head Wrap Diaries, Uchenna Dance are back with a contemporary take on a classic fairy tale. Told from the children’s perspective, our two young heroes brave a big journey and find themselves lost in London, overwhelmed by the sights, sounds and smells. Separated from their kind…

Q&A with Botis Seva

We asked Botis some questions about his dance background, his company, his new work BLKDOG, and his hopes for the future…   Why did you start dancing and what inspired to you to start choreographing? I started dancing at the age of 15. At secondary school, I was lucky enough to have an active dance…

Sue Buckmaster tells us more about Akram Khan Company’s Chotto Xenos

Sue Buckmaster is the Director of Chotto Desh and Chotto Xenos, and told us more about the creation of the two works. In 2015 Akram Khan Company decided to do an experiment. They wanted to see if it would be possible to adapt one of Akram’s adult, solo pieces and turn it into a child-friendly performance…

Dangerous Pockets Project arrives at DanceEast

  The Dangerous Pockets Project is a Community Art Collaboration by Paula MacGregor MA. Paula read a poem called ‘Dangerous Coats’ by Sharon Owens, a light-hearted poem that caught her imagination, and so the Dangerous Pockets Project was born. She asked people to send her pockets they had made; she threaded them onto red cords…

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