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01 Jun 2016

Chameleon Company tells the broader story of masculinity in Beauty of The Beast as part of an extensive national tour throughout summer 2016. Beauty of The Beast will be performed at the Jerwood DanceHouse on Friday 10 June at 7.30pm.

‘A compelling narrative, making for a great piece that can be enjoyed by anyone.’ NOW THE MANCHESTER

Company Chameleon’s unforgettable and critically acclaimed dance piece, offers a funny, moving and subversive look at male group dynamics. Following a group of friends through a range of scenarios, expectations are high if you’re part of the gang. There’s a need to impress and earn peer respect. But with non-stop bravado, complex dynamics and a shifting pecking order, how far will things go?

★★★★ ‘Knockout dancing in a potent look at male behaviour.’ THE LIST MAGAZINE

Beauty of The Beast peels back and uncovers the many faces of masculinity – strength, vulnerability, camaraderie and hostility, and explores what happens when affiliation becomes identity. Showcasing Company Chameleon’s unique signature style, an exciting mix of dance and movement techniques are accompanied by the stunning athletic ability of six male dancers.

★★★★ ’Beautifully revealing…Unforgettably good.’ JUDITH MACKREL, THE GUARDIAN

Anthony Missen Choreographer and Co-Artistic Director of Company Chameleon says:

The piece tells the broader story of masculinity. Society can have a pretty narrow view of what it means to be a man and as a result men… can feel pressured to fit into a certain role. Beauty of The Beast tries to uncover all the faces of masculinity including the emotions that sit outside the traditional gender role. The ones that are accepted and embraced by society, like strength and ambition, and also the ones we can shy away from, like sensitivity and vulnerability.”

See Company Chameleon’s Beauty of the Beast from an exciting masculine perspective. With original music by Miguel Marin, alongside Bach, Sizzla and Rage Against the Machine this is definitely not one to be missed, get your tickets now at DANCEEAST.CO.UK or by calling our friendly Box Office team on 01473 295230.