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19 May 2017

Photo credit: Alicia Clarke

To support Dementia Awareness week, we have been talking to our lovely Dance for Dementia volunteers and tutor assistants about what it is like being part of the Dance for Dementia programme here at DanceEast. Here is a chance to hear from one of our volunteers about the class:

1. Why did you become a volunteer for Dance for Dementia?
My dad has fairly advanced dementia and my mum is his main carer. Being able to share and give something to others who are living with this, through dance, is for me positive and sustaining.

2. What is the most rewarding part of volunteering?
The warmth of being with the people of the group, dancing, and Dance East!

It’s fun, sustaining and challenging (in a good way). I am learning a lot!

3. What does a typical session mean for a volunteer? (from set up to packing away, including what time you arrive and leave!)
I arrive at about 12.20 and have lunch on the cafe – I then help set up and prep for the group (chairs in the auditorium, get the coat rack, meet up with my fellow volunteers and assistants, and collect water jugs and tea and coffee, set up chairs in the dance studio). When the group members arrive – welcome them, talk, catch up on how things are, sit and chat, help with tea and coffee and biscuits. In the dance group, take part and help anyone who might need it. Once we finish – we chat some more with more tea, coffee and biscuits. We then have feedback with the tutors and pack up. I usually finish by about 4 p.m.

4. Do you volunteer at any other organisation?
I have a limited voluntary role within an NHS Trust.

Feeling inspired? For more information about being a tutor assistant or volunteer please email Lizzie Croucher