All you need to know about Humanhood

February 20, 2019


Humanhood company was founded in 2016 by Birmingham and Catalan born artists Rudi Cole and Júlia Robert Parés. Together, they have developed a unique symbiotic fluid movement language that lies at the core of their work, creating intricate choreographic patterns that merge into multilayered energetic shapes with flow and dynamism.

The research behind the work is rooted in physics and astrophysics as well as in their personal insight into Eastern mysticism. They are fascinated by the connections that lie between these seemingly different fields and how these shape our human experience of ourselves and reality. Drawn by their interest in the cosmos and nature, Rudi and Julia collaborate with physicist William Chaplin, leader of the NASA Kepler Mission on asteroseismology (the study of stars) and professor at Birmingham University; challenging the dialogue and collaborative process between choreography and scientific research.

Based in Birmingham and Barcelona, the company presents compelling works to audiences from around the world, bringing its unique mixture of exceptional physicality, academic viewpoint and spiritual discovery.

After the success of duet ZERO, Humanhood brings Torus, a production for five exceptional dancers that morph into stunning live breathing compositions. Merging Humanhood’s unique synergy and powerful liquid movement into a tribal hurricane of effortless fluidity where bodies move as one on stage.

Torus, defined in geometry as a surface or solid formed by rotating a closed curve, especially a circle, about a line which lies in the same plane but does not intersect it (e.g. like a ring doughnut).

Don’t miss Torus at DanceEast on Friday 22 March. Book your tickets now!

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