The ‘Inspired by Ballet’ class is new to DanceEast this autumn, so we decided to catch up with the tutor, Ian Parsons, to find out a little bit more about it!

September 21, 2015


So what exactly is ‘Inspired by Ballet’?

Basically, it is a repertoire based class. So the nature of the class includes a warm up at the barre for about fifteen to twenty minutes, then the remainder of the class (about forty minutes) will be spent working on a piece of repertoire from classical or contemporary ballet. What I’m planning to do is to explore several ballets in chunks, so for example we are starting with Cinderella and looking at a variety of things from different versions, for a number of weeks.  We will explore the music, story and how different choreographers chose to interpret that story.

Who might be interested in taking this class?

Anybody who has a decent background in ballet and wants to do a little bit more than is expected in a normal class. In an open class setting you never really get a repertoire based class, so if you want to dance a little bit more then this is for you. 

What will one expect to have learnt and accomplished at the end of term?

By the end of the term you will feel like a much more artistic dancer for having worked on character. And also from considering a variety of ballets you will hopefully have a better understanding of not only the story, but the music as well and how this relates to telling the story. You will also have considerable knowledge about the background of particular pieces, for example information about its history, the different famous versions, the choreographer and dancers etc. So you will have an expanded knowledge about ballet repertoire.

Classes are held on Thursdays 8.00 – 9.30pm in Red Shoe Studio B.

If you are interested in joining Inspired by Ballet you can book here on our website or call our box office team on 01473 295230.

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