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Look inside: DanceEast’s virtual tour is now live!

18 Oct 2017


Have you ever wondered what it looks like inside the Jerwood DanceHouse? You can now see for yourself without leaving the comfort of your own home! Although we hope you will come and visit us soon for one of our popular dance classes or world class performances.

This virtual tour is a wonderful way to familiarise yourself with the DanceHouse layout before you arrive, which is ideal for those who might be anxious about going to new places and experiencing new environments. Every room and corridor that you might need to access is included in the virtual tour, so you can get an accurate idea of where you need to go, how you can get there and where the closest facilities are.

Alternatively, if you’re looking to host a private or corporate function, all rooms are available to hire. Use the tour to look into each space; a great way to get an idea of which area is best suited to your needs.

DanceEast would like to thank Carl Lamb at Ambient Light for producing the Virtual Tour.

Link to virtual tour:


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