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14 Mar 2017

Pop My Mind is a curated online hub for artists of all disciplines. Our community are challenged to produce new work in response to each other’s work and themes on our website, making the hub a springboard for fresh ideas and dynamic creativity.

We have partnered with DanceEast to see how our community of artists respond to the stunning performances at the DanceHouse this season. These are a few exceptional responses which we think capture the essence of the dances in a unique way.


Piece: Break Free’

I’m a self taught artist and designer from the North east of England working primarily in the digital medium. All of my work is inspired by the music I am listening to whilst I’m working: as it is such an integral part of my creative process, it influences anything from the colours and shapes I choose to the overall direction and tone of the piece. Most of my work is free-styled depending on my mood and also what I’m listening as I very rarely set out with a plan as to what I’m going to create.

This piece was inspired by the movement and flow of the dancers shown in the video clip and reinterpreted through the flow of the geometric shapes that build this piece into its abstract form.

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