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Q & A with Arthur Pita

03 Dec 2019

We asked Arthur Pita some questions about his upcoming work, Ten Sorry Tales, which will be premiered at DanceEast on Friday 13 December.


  1.       What can we expect from Ten Sorry Tales?


The tales are delightful, surreal, twisted and moving. We are telling them in different ways using different theatrical techniques. We have created rules to then break them. Expect the unexpected!



  1.       Can you describe Ten Sorry Tales in 3 words? 


Intriguing, Touching, Ludicrous



  1.       How does the piece differ from the well-known book?


It’s live! There are dances, songs and scenes. The characters are there, the narratives are there, the light might shine brighter in certain parts of the narrative, and also might be darker in other parts.



  1.       Can you describe the creative process behind Ten Sorry Tales?


We had a lot of fun. There is a lot of humour in the show, and we laughed a lot. I always think if we don’t laugh in rehearsal, then maybe the audience won’t laugh. There are also sad moments, so there might be tears too.



  1.       What do you hope the audience will take away from this work?


Perhaps to look at life through these tales with a different lens. It’s quintessentially English, and celebrates the eccentric. Audiences will step away feeling lifted, because we have a very lovely ending!



  1.       Ten Sorry Tales is premiering here at the Jerwood DanceHouse, what do you think is so special about DanceEast?


I love DanceEast because I have built a trust with the audience. I started with my early shows at DanceEast and we had many post show discussions. The audience are attentive and curious. The theatre itself is wonderfully intimate and the DanceEast team are always keen to make the magic happen.