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Q&A with Sally Marie: What to expect in ‘I loved you and I loved you’ by Sweetshop Revolution

13 Jan 2016

Are the opera singers on stage throughout?

The opera singer is there from the beginning. She is like another side of Morfydd. Almost her ghost looking back on the past.

Are they singing in English?

Everything except one song in welsh and all the text which tells the story is in English.

How much would you say the opera singers contribute to the piece? Is it throughout?

It’s wonderful, because the music is just so beautiful and a lot of it has not been heard in 100 years. I would say she sings about half the time and then the rest is just piano or modern sound score.

Is the pianist playing throughout?

Yes, almost non stop bless him! He is incredible and doing an album of Morfydd’s music as well at the moment.

How does the narrative develop. Explicitly through words (song) and dance? Or emotionally expressed through movement and suggestion?

It’s a mixture between the words and the movement and then we do a post show talk afterwards where we fill in any gaps. Every scene is about either one of the two men she loved or about how much she loved music. And it’s really easy to follow. Also we give out free programmes as well which have lots of pictures and the story in as well.

What does the set look like? Or is the atmosphere achieved through lighting and mood?

There is no set. It’s all just the music and these three people who lived this story – almost like ghosts dropped down from another time.

Period costume?

Yes. All dresses in Edwardian period costume throughout. And three different costumes changes for Faith for the different parts of her life too.

Is there anything specific we can add about the dancers? The style of the piece? The dancers background?

They are some of the most amazing dancers I have worked with. Faith comes from a family of thirteen, almost all girls. So she was dancing in their family dance troupe form the age of 2! They used to pinch her on the right knee so she knew which was the right direction! And Dan has been dancing in Europe for over ten years and has danced everything from Romeo in the ballet to works by many well known choreographers. Karl and I have worked with in a previous projects and he is just quite a profound human being as well as a great dancer. He plays the man she loved and in fact is in real live the man she loves as well, so that makes it a bit easier too! He can morph from being a young man full of fun and wit to an older man of sixty in a matter of counts. I find them all deeply moving.. though i might be a bit biased!

We’ve had people burst into tears after shows though. Often I can hear people sniffing into their hankies if the show is going well. We wanted to make a piece that people watching could really fall right into, as if they were watching a film..

Movement wise, its’ very fluid, very musical. And it’s beautiful. It’s the opposite of post modern and conceptual. It’s just heart felt and passionate and at points a little dark and other just full of joy. And of course it’s a true story – of an incredible women who actually lived. And it’s about music too. Searching for how the music really feels. I always say, that even if you don’t like classical music, you could still love it this piece.


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