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Smack That (a conversation) | Rhiannon Faith

25 May 2018


Smack That (a conversation) tackles the taboo subject of domestic abuse, creates awareness and offers prevention tools. The intention is to raise consciousness of these issues and to present a show about underrepresented members of society.

The show is set in‐the-round, at a party, and the audience are invited to participate in games, experience real stories and join the conversation about domestic abuse. The world exists in the present (gold) but bashes into the past (grey) as the games unravel statistics, and the guests (you) experience a highly intimate theatrical experience, and discover how common experiences of violence are. Expect Rhiannon Faith’s trade-­‐mark combination of bold and energetic dance and heart-breaking theatre; where we see a group of fearless women come together and care for one another.

During the show a break-out space will be available, providing a safe and calm environment for anyone affected by the subject matter. A qualified therapist will be on hand to provide short term support and re-direction to other services as required. This room is a short walk from the theatre and is signposted. A DanceEast host can show you the way. You will be able to re-enter the performance whenever you’re ready.

‘Rhiannon Faith is a silly, serious and brave contemporary female heroine. She will go far.’ (Total Theatre)

To coincide with Smack That (a conversation), DanceEast is becoming a J9 venue. This national initiative aims to provide safe and secure opportunities for people to disclose domestic abuse and access a full support system. Staff at each J9 contact point are trained to signpost, advise and spot the signs of domestic abuse. Each venue has a safe place where people can access information and use a phone to call for further help. Look out for the pink J9 heart. There’s more information about J9 here.

BOOK YOUR TICKETS HERE – please note there is limited capacity

**This show discusses themes of an adult nature, sexual violence and domestic abuse.