DanceEast Associate Artists UNIT present their first full-length performance 20 Questions. A fusion of dance, candid interviews and seamlessly integrated film, 20 Questions features a 40 strong intergenerational cast of local people, some of whom have danced all their lives, others who have never danced before.

Every performer in the show has been on a journey with the company; learning who they are, who they were and who they might like to be; finding the answers to these big questions through movement. 20 Questions is a snapshot of life and a gloriously uplifting look at humanity.

The 7pm performance will be followed by a ‘behind-the-scenes’ celebration with the cast and their families and friends, sharing the unique collaborative process behind how the piece was made.

About UNIT 

UNIT began following a series of highly successful collaborations between choreographer, Tom Hobden and film director, Kate Flurrie. UNIT is a multi­disciplinary dance company which brings innovative and exciting contemporary dance to the stage and screen and has been marked by its unique blend of extraordinary performers, weaving narratives and seamlessly integrated visuals.

UNIT builds a dance language that has more than a hint of cinema as inspiration and our work lies somewhere between Kate’s detailed commercial work and Tom’s ability to bring out complex personal qualities. Our belief is that there is movement in everyone and we engage with a wide community of performers, whether professional or not on all of our projects.

UNIT seeks to excite and engage both the audience and the participants of our work in a way that will inform themselves and others about the nature of contemporary dance in today’s popular culture, whether through performance or film everyone is welcome to our UNIT.

Tom and Kate are currently both associate artists at DanceEast.

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