9 | Cas Public

Photography by Damian Siqueiros


Cas Public return to DanceEast with new show 9.

Known for their eloquent dance, Cas Public (Quebec) now houses an atypical performer, Cai Glover, who overcame a hearing impairment to become a professional dancer. Choreographer Hélène Blackburn has taken the unusual step of using his disability as a point of departure for her new creation.

Perceiving, experiencing, understanding… Our senses allow us to apprehend the world around us, like a window, without which things elude us. How is it possible to capture the monumental grandeur of Beethoven’s 9th Symphony – a masterwork in classical repertoire – if, like the composer himself, our hearing is impaired? 9 explores this challenge through a bold journey of sensation.

Hearing impaired dancer Cai Glover will lead the company, directing the motions of five accompanying performers according to how the spirit moves him. With the addition of film projection, this piece will remind us of the exclusion experienced by those who hear differently.

‘Cas Public’s 9 is a joyous exploration of the act of communication’ – Seeing Dance, 2019


Coproduction: Cas Public & Kopergietery
Choreographer and Artistic Direction: Hélène Blackburn
Assistant to the Artistic Direction: Cai Glover
Dramaturgy: Johan De Smet
Music: Martin Tétreault
Lighting Design: Emilie B-Beaulieu and Hélène Blackburn
Scenography: Hélène Blackburn
Costumes: Michael Slack
Films: Kenneth Michiels
With the participation of: Seymanur Kizilca, Evgeni Miroslavov, Chaz Keith Salfamones, Ramzi Serrai, Burhan Zambu
Photos: Damian Siqueiros

9 is a creation of Cas Public and Kopergietery, coproduced with Spect’Art Rimouski and Place des Arts . 9 received a creative residency at Place des Arts (Montreal, Canada), Maison de la culture Mercier (Montreal, Canada), Maison de la culture Frontenac (Montreal, Canada), Kopergietery (Ghent, Belgium), Tarmac – Scène internationale francophone (Paris, France) and the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity (Banff, Canada). 9 is presented in collaboration with the Fondation des Sourds du Québec.

'a thoroughly enjoyable hour of exquisite dancing and childish delight, all under the banner of a philosophical theme ably translated into movement'
- Seeing Dance, 2019

Booking Information

Dates and Times
Ticket Price

50 minutes
A smoke machine will be used in the performance

Age Suitability

9+ years



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