An immersive dance performance for young audiences.

In a locked chest in a dusty attic of a very old castle lives The Little Ghost. At the stroke of midnight each night The Little Ghost wakes up. He haunts the castle, visits the knights as well as his friend the owl. At the stroke of one, he falls asleep in his chest. His greatest wish is to see the world in daylight, just once. But how can he make his wish come true? And what will the townsfolk make of a ghost in the daytime?

Based on the book The Little Ghost by Otfried Preussler, The Adventures of The Little Ghost transports the audience into a magical world that unfolds before their eyes.

Working with a core cast of three professional dancers, a free runner and a young dancer as The Little Ghost, this piece also includes a local community cast of 30 people aged 10-100 years. If you would like to take part and perform, come along to our experience day!

FREE WORKSHOPS AVAILABLE – Saturday 9 July 1:00PM & 3:30PM. 

Click HERE for more information.

These workshops are designed to enhance the audience’s experience through exploring the physicality, narrative and themes of the show prior to watching it. The workshops are delivered by a professional dancer from the company.

"Adults, elders, along with tiny and teenaged witches, and eventually the whole audience danced joyfully together in a shower of confetti" (on The Little Witch)

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