All The Time in The World | Eleesha Drennan Double Bill

Photography by Nicole Guarino


A DanceEast World Premiere

In this powerful dance theatre double bill, experience an emotionally-charged rollercoaster ride of extraordinary dancing, set to a spine-tingling score of original music and an iconic Louis Armstrong classic.

Infinite Glimpse [45 mins]

Inspired by a survival story, Infinite Glimpse plays with Drennan’s distorted perceptions of time following her husband’s brain surgery. The show is filled with bittersweet memories, hope, love and the fear of losing it all.

Four dancers inhabit a world of broken clocks and hourglasses, probing at the feeling of an urgency to live. Weaving together personal stories about their relationships to time and memory, they’ll take you on an intense journey, passing through love, loss and wonder.

But will they – and you – arrive in a shared experience of the present, before it’s too late?

Lose yourself in this timely ode to the challenge of finding beauty in darkness, courage through adversity, and a connection with others along the way.

Whiskers 2 [10 mins]

One woman embarks on a dynamic exploration of her own primal power and how it transforms through time.

Expect an intricate and virtuosic physical feat in this brand new sequel of Drennan’s award-winning solo, Whiskers – a compelling portrayal of the ‘wild woman’ archetype.

Whiskers 2 tells a physical story of transformation one decade after Whiskers was first performed. It is a tale of adapt or die. Dedicated to my grandmother, Agnes Drennan.

This show was supported by Dance East through a residency in 2019 for R&D of Infinite Glimpse.

All The Time In the World is funded by Arts Council England & Arts Council Wales. Eleesha Drennan is supported by Studio Wayne McGregor through the FreeSpace programme. Special thank you to Sky Arts, The Arts Foundation 25th anniversary awards & StudioPSK for their generous support in the research & development phase of Infinite Glimpse

“An emotional trip - mesmerizing”
– preview of Infinite Glimpse, audience member

Booking Information

Dates and Times
Ticket Price

1 Hour
May contain strobe lighting and haze

Age Suitability

8+ years


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