Dance Springs is an annual platform for mid-career and emerging dance artists in the east of England. This year the platform has expanded to become a five-day festival, commissioned and supported by the UHArts (University of Hertfordshire) and DanceEast with performances at both venues.

Following a two-day Research and Development intensive in January, hosted by UHArts, where successful artists develop their work and network with other selected artists, Dance Springs is a celebration performance of the culmination of this work. This is a fantastic opportunity for emerging artists to gain experience in touring and exposing their work to a variety of audiences and build valuable contacts within the region and each host organisation.



Botis Seva

Botis Seva is a freelance dance artist as well as artistic director and choreographer of hip hop theatre company Far From the Norm. His work is usually stylised as abstract and experimental movement with strong hip hop based foundations. The performance will explore the traditional relationship we all encounter of master and pupil and the transition between a pupil considering he is ready to progress past his master’s level and experience.

Pola Krawczuk
Currently a part-time student of MA Contemporary Performance Practices, Pola wants to develop herself as an artist working with movement and voice. This piece is based on the idea of ‘Nomophobia’, a recently developed term defined as the fear of being without a mobile device. Aiming to translate the results of living in a smartphone-driven world into movement to create a visual, physical and powerful journey. The piece will take the audience on a journey where virtual worlds and reality blur into one. 

Crimson and the Rovers
Using their signature style of fusing contemporary dance and breaking, Crimson and the Rovers have created a duet exploring the influence of each performer’s decisions over space and movement. As an emerging company this opportunity is vital for their progression and development, and has given them the chance to explore this idea of ‘space’ and a body’s journey within space further.

Neus Gil Cortés
Currently a freelance choreographer, dancer and teacher, Neus has had wide-ranging career as a contemporary dancer. His piece will be a collaboration with visual artist Nieves Mingueza, inspired by surrealist collages and experimental films. The piece will integrate video and still images with choreography, exploring themes of identity and challenging the audiences’ perception of space and the body.


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One of the pieces may contain sexual references.


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