Dotty’s friend Hex is a simple two dimensional line. One day he really wants to make a curve. With lots of effort he learns how to bend, then multiply, and suddenly he can turn into anything he wants to, eventually popping into three dimensions. Join Dotty and Hex on a fantastical rollercoaster ride into his digital wonderland where straight lines curve and sound is seen.

Tom Dale Company creates extraordinary performances that bring together urban contemporary dance, electronic music and digital art.

Digitopia’s visually stunning integration of live dance and digital technology creates a world that defies the usual rules of gravity and physics, where straight lines curve and sound is seen.

The performance will be followed by a 30 minute ‘Stay & Play’ session on stage, exploring dance and technology. Limited availability so pre-booking is essential.

Performances will be accompanied by Digitopia inspired activities for the whole family to enjoy together; from MOKO Dance creative dance workshops to pre and post show, foyer-based activities.

★★★★ "A fascinating integration of live music and digital technology..."
The Herald (I Infinite)

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5yrs+ and families


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