ENOWATE | Dickson Mbi

‘Enowate’ translates as ‘truth stands’ and the inspiration for this performance came from a personal trip Dickson took to his family ancestral village in Cameroon. In this journey Dickson encountered a two-headed snake and a tiger that roared to announce his presence at a funeral. These unnerving experiences made him question his own identity, negotiating his London East End upbringing, alongside his animism practice and the influences of his heritage.

Enowate uses popping and contemporary dance to express Dickson’s inner dialogue – as if he is a man speaking to his shadow. The performance will tell a story that is both intimate and one that everyone can relate to, asking the questions ‘who am I, and why am I here?’

This will be the first time Dickson will perform at the Jerwood DanceHouse and we are very excited to welcome him. Dickson has a strong and interesting voice in dance and has worked with award winning artists such as Russell Maliphant and Boy Blue Entertainment. Don’t miss this opportunity to see him perform while he’s here!


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