First Light Festival

First Light Festival is a brand new, 24-hour, multi-arts festival in the beautiful beach-side setting of Lowestoft. The festival will begin at noon on Saturday 22nd June and will run continuously through changing tides, light and darkness, sun and stars, until noon on Sunday 23rd June. First Light Festival creates a truly unique shared experience of music, dance, film, art, science, talks, walks, fire, kids activities, sports, well-being and workshops.

DanceEast have programmed the Moon Dance stage in partnership with First Light Festival. The programme includes live performances and workshops including Tap and Body Percussion from Avalon Rathgeb and Old Kent Road, Swing Dance with Temujin Gil and Sunanda Biswas and an old-fashioned Tea Dance. Plus, a bit of stomping and dancing on Sunday morning for your little ones, with a Baby Loves to Boogie disco event.
Celebrate the first light of Midsummer’s weekend at Britain’s most easterly point!


Commissioned by DanceEast and First Light Festival , former DanceEast Associate Artist Rosemary Lee will be creating a new durational dance work, Circadian, set against the changing sea, sky and light of Lowestoft’s South Beach. On the hour, every hour, one of 24 dancers – ranging in age from 8-80 years, will perform a short solo accompanied by a song performed live by singer/composer, Isaac Lee-Kronick. Starting with the youngest and ending with the oldest 24 hours later, each dancer will bring their own unique quality to this repeating, almost ritualistic performance. With its moments of intensity and stillness, Circadian
draws on our complex connection with time and the cyclical rhythms of birth and death, light and darkness.

Produced by Artsadmin.


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Dates and Times

Saturday 22 June 12.00pm – Sunday 23 June 12.00pm

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