Last Man Standing


jerwood dancehouse

Danger, the fragility of existence and the desire to survive; we are surrounded by these things in the relentlessness of life. How do we respond? With fear, anger, determination?

Last Man Standing is dance driven by unparalleled energy and athleticism, performed by world-class dancers. A hotly anticipated new work from rising star James Wilton, renowned for exhilarating choreography that leaves you breathless. Wilton’s work draws on martial arts, breakdancing and capoeira to create raw, earthy and ground-breaking performances.

Save your breath, it may be your last.

A free post-show talk is included in the ticket price.


“A bold, fresh, innovative, modern piece of work with real intent and ambition”

Commissioned by Dance City with support from Falmouth University, Plymouth Dance, Barbican Theatre Plymouth and Arts Council England, Grants for the Arts

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